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BIPV Roofing Systems

Flexible, Lightweight Solar Panels


  • Template for 1000 sq. mtrs – can apply upwards from 1,000 to 50,000 sq mtr
  • Indicative electricity generated for 1000 sq mtrs is 350 kW hrs/day
  • SKYShades Unique Financial Model demonstrates a cash flow at the end of year 1 = ($4,181)
  • SKYShades Unique Installation Design increases the Asset Value of property at the end of
    year 1 = $276,088 (at 9% yield)
  • Full financial analysis and pay-back period available with new projects and retro-fits to approved applicants   

Are you interested in converting your roof into an income earning source of clean electricity?

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InstallationSKYShades lightweight thin film
solar panels are bonded onto existing roofs.