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SKYShades’ structures cover such a diverse range of market segments from stadiums, amphitheatres, car wash facilities, play ground equipment, car parks, restaurants etc. The initial focus for the application of Organic Photovoltaics to our tensioned-membrane structures is with the simple ‘Al Fresco’ umbrella that can be seen at coffee shops, hotels and resorts throughout the world. The application of Konarka’s Power Plastic technology to these umbrellas will deliver ‘clean’ ‘green’ energy for people to recharge their laptops, mobile phones, IPods and other personal appliances…..whilst enjoying a ‘coffee break’!

Once the launch of Organic Photovoltaics on Al Fresco umbrellas is successfully completed, SKYShades intends to then move rapidly into providing the same ‘clean’ ‘green’ energy options to existing and new Shopping Centre car parks, stadiums, amphitheatres, restaurants etc. around the world through its world-wide Franchise partners.

By fitting these larger areas of tensioned-membrane canopies with OPV panels, the potential for delivering ‘clean’ ‘green’ electricity to a planet which is demanding alternative energy sources is quite promising.

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Illustrations of upcoming commercial applications