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Advantages of PV Technnology

Do you wonder why Solar is not extensively used on Commercial, Retail, Industrial or Agricultural Roofs???

Traditional Solar Panels are TOO HEAVY & TOO EXPENSIVE!!! 

SKYShades unique application of lightweight 'THIN FILM' solar membranes can be installed on all existing roofs.

SKYShades Unique Finance Model can demonstrate IRRs of 6% - 11%!!!!

The advantages of PV technology

  - The energy is generated on site

- No expensive transmission lines

- Minimum electricity loss due to transmission

- The fuel is free

- There are no moving parts to wear out, breakdown or replace

- Only minimal maintenance is required to keep the system running.

- The systems are modular and can be quickly installed anywhere.

- It produces no noise, harmful emissions or polluting gases.  

PV Cells and Modules

 PV cells are generally made either from crystalline silicon, sliced from ingots or castings or from grown ribbons, or thin film, deposited in thin layers on a low-cost backing.  Most cell production (90% in 2007) has so far involved the former, whilst future plans have a strong focus on the latter.  Thin film technology based on silicon and other materials is expected to gain a much larger share of the PV market.  This technology offers several advantages, such as low material consumption, low weight and a smooth appearance.