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Executive Consultant

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Experience and Expertise:

Antonio Gelonesi - Executive Consultant

Mr. Antonio Gelonesi served as Executive Chairman of Libertas Capital Asia Limited, a subsidiary of Libertas Capital Group Plc. Mr. Gelonesi served as a global expert in climate change strategies of Deloitte and Touche Tohmatsu for 5 years until 2004 before setting up and running an independent Corporate Finance Advisory Entity ( 8180 ).

He has conducted several hundred due diligence reports on renewable energy projects for a wide range of clients. He has also developed a benchmark tool for easy analysis of the effectiveness of projects within all sectors of renewable energy Mr. Gelonesi has had 25 years of financial markets experience in all of the world financial centres. His experience includes stock broking, corporate finance, Treasury management and financial engineering. He served as Treasurer of Credit Lyonnais Group (Global Financial Engineer), and the Banca Monte Paschi Group. He founded Greenhouse Capital and Bellatrix Energy. Mr. Gelonesi served as Director of Libertas Capital Asia Limited and served as an Executive Director of Gulfx Ltd (previously New Horizon Energy Ltd). until November 29, 2004.

He has held directorships with 3 Public Companies during the past decade and advises a number of others on contingent liability management pertaining to environmental issues and risks both financial and technical levels. He has been an advisor to the government for GGAP (Greenhouse Gas Abatement Program). He is a current Fellow of the Australian Building Council siting within the Sustainable Environmental Working Group. Has worked on World Bank and World Business Council Projects and been a key note speaker at numerous conferences and conventions.

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